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Xerox Employee Retirement Benefits
Cary, NC

Xerox Retirement Benefits in Cary, NC

Our goal is to help you make the most out of your employee retirement benefits from your time at Xerox in Cary, North Carolina. We will work with you to ensure that you access all of the available benefits and “Excess Benefits.” In addition, with 23 years of experience helping Xerox employees reach their financial goals, we will help you implement your 401(k) fund selections, and best timing for taking your benefits. At retirement, you will have many options to start using your Retirement Income Guarantee Plan (RIGP) and 401(k) benefits. We assess all your options and work with you to explain the pros and cons.

Further, we explain how your options may affect your lifelong finances. We help you navigate the  Xerox - BenefitsWeb. We help you plan your exit. When it is time to initiate retirement, we help you from start to finish. Our retirement plans will help you understand if you “can afford to retire.”   Our plans work to get you ready, and if you have the option to retire or not, you will know if you can! We will revisit your plan yearly or more to listen, adjust and make further recommendations to give you the information you need to make important financial decisions

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is not a task that should be taken lightly. There is no one right way to do it. It is a vital process in which one determines realistic goals for their retirement income needs and decides what actions need to be taken to achieve the stated goals. Retirement planning includes many steps such as identifying potential income sources, evaluating expenses, creating a savings plan, managing assets, and determining risk levels. The retirement planning process is geared towards removing stressors and bringing you peace of mind. When you reach retirement, you should be focused on what you’re going to do to enjoy the rest of your life, not on where your income is coming from. A retirement planner works with individuals to ensure that their retirement plan is strategically mapped out and simple to execute.

Basics of Retirement Planning

  • Save for retirement in a tax-advantaged retirement savings account. Saving for general purposes in a standard savings account is fine, but you need retirement savings to account for retirement funds.

  • Get to know your individual income needs for retirement. When you have a target to shoot at, you have a chance to make it.

  • Maximize your Xerox employer-sponsored retirement plan(s). Learn how to maximize the use of your RIGP and 401(k) plan.
  • Apply basic investment principles. Use the tools and guidance given to you by your retirement planner.
  • Get an individual retirement account. Adding an IRA to your investment portfolio will diversify and expand your retirement savings.
  • Hire a retirement planner who specializes in Xerox retirement benefits. 

Retirement Planner

A retirement planner is your most valuable asset when it comes to preparing for retirement. Especially one who specializes in Xerox retirement benefits. A retirement planner meets with their clients to complete an assessment of retirement income needs, gather information, and create a comprehensive retirement plan. Your retirement planner will work with you over time as your life changes and grows to ensure that your retirement planning portfolio makes sense along the way. You need to get and utilize a retirement planner so that you avoid making mistakes that can be detrimental to your retirement. Retirement planners have years of experience and are specially trained and certified to help individuals succeed financially before and during retirement. Xerox employee? Thinking about what to do with your benefits and pension? Trust the experts to help you make the most of your hard-earned savings. Call us!

Xerox and Valiant Standard Wealth Management are separate companies.  Xerox does not endorse particular financial services companies.

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