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Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible. We provide comprehensive investments for diversified people at all levels of wealth.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a wealth management, financial advisory firm and we uphold a fiduciary standard. Our core values are quality, transparency, and honesty. We adhere to the golden rule, “Treat others as they and you want to be treated.” Our clients come from different backgrounds and have unique needs. Our customized approach allows us to serve a wide range of people at all stages of life.

Founded in January 2021, Valiant Standard Wealth Management got its name from the standard of care we provide our clients. The dictionary defines valiant as being marked by bravery, boldness, courage, and determination. Client care is our top priority. When you join us you will experience our valiant standard.

  Meet Harvey Reiner

Harvey Reiner

Financial Advisor

(585) 565-3940

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Harvey Reiner is the founder of Valiant Standard Wealth Management. As the financial advisor at the firm, he manages assets, takes fiduciary responsibility, creates financial plans, and works directly with current and prospective clients. With twenty-four years of experience in financial services, Harvey has successfully led many clients to their ideal financial futures. His twelve years of experience at Xceed Federal Credit Union, included several years when XFCU was part of Xerox, where he taught himself and learned the intricacies of the Xerox 401k and RIGP.  His experience also includes HSBC; Axa Advisors; and Morgan Stanley. Harvey is passionate about creating financial strategies for those at all levels of wealth.

Harvey earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and followed his passion by joining the financial services industry. He became certified with series 7 and 66 in 1999. Harvey is driven by his passion to assist and educate others in making daily wise financial choices.

Harvey spent his childhood in the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. His father held a position of a union steward and worked as an engineer at Chrysler for thirty-five years. From his dad, Harvey learned the significance of hard work. During his time in Boy Scouts up until eleventh grade, he acquired essential values like self-reliance, respect for others, and a profound appreciation for nature. Harvey and his wife, Lynn, reside in Rochester, NY, where they relish the unpretentious atmosphere and strong sense of community. Together, they tackle challenging home improvement projects. Harvey has a keen interest in mountain biking, landscaping, RV camping, photography, canoeing, and hiking. He truly values people and takes pleasure in spending time with his family, friends, and clients.

Serving as a teacher and friend to his clients, Harvey forms lasting relationships and creates realistic financial plans for all. He firmly believes that everyone should have access to quality financial services.

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