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Why So Many Xerox Employees, Past and Present, Work With Us 

<br/>Why So Many Xerox Employees, Past and Present, Work With Us

Why So Many Xerox Employees, Past and Present, Work With Us

As a former Xerox employee, Harvey Reiner, founder and financial advisor at Valiant Standard Wealth Management, thoroughly understands the Xerox benefit plans, including The Xerox 401(k) Savings Plan and Xerox Corporation Retirement Income Guarantee Plan (RIGP)

As part of his twenty-three years of experience in financial services, his twelve years of experience at Xceed Federal Credit Union includes when XFCU was part of Xerox as the Xerox Federal Credit Union. This is where he further learned the intricacies of the Xerox 401k and RIGP. 

With you clearly in mind, Harvey is a fiduciary, meaning he acts legally and ethically in your best interests in all his financial services and managing the assets you have entrusted to him.

He also provides financial planning to help you reach your goals of financial wellness and provides advice above and beyond those of simply investment management. However, he does that with decades of expertise along with his $100 Billion Asset Management firm Cambridge Investment Research, Inc, as a servicing partner.

Based on your needs and questions, Harvey’s plans address:

How do RIGP funding levels effect my lump sum? See our blog!

How do interest rates effect my RIGP lump sum? 

Is my lump sum option the best option for me?

Will my spouse get income if I pass?

Do I have enough assets to support my lifestyle in retirement?

What should I do with 401k even though you don’t manage it?

Do I have enough liquidity, including an emergency fund?

Is my estate adequately planned?

Can you help me with a budget?

Can I leave money for my family?

Will you educate me to make good money decisions?

Do I have enough to help fund my children’s or grandchildren’s education?

What should I do about my debt situation?

What should I do to protect myself against unexpected life risks and health or disability?

Xerox and Valiant Standard Wealth Management are separate companies.  Xerox does not endorse particular financial services companies.

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