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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15, 2021

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s time to honor the culture and contributions of the Hispanic and Latin Americans that make up our great nation.

National Hispanic Heritage Month started as a week of recognition in 1968 and was expanded in 1988 into the month-long celebration we know of today. The dates were chosen to honor the independence days of several Hispanic and Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Chile.1

As the United States is a melting pot of customs and traditions, so is the history of Hispanic and Latin American cultures. While every community has its own way of connecting with its Hispanic and Latin American heritage, National Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity to celebrate this vibrant history.

Whether you celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month by spending time with your familia and hearing their stories, or whether you’re taking this opportunity to learn more about these rich and diverse cultures, we wish you an amazing National Hispanic Heritage Month, this year and every year.

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